A Ragamuffin Picnic


One of our goals here at Roxy Marj for 2015 and beyond is to delve into a few new mediums: film and animation. We are new to this, and have a lot to please be patient with us and the videos that we make. Our goal is not to become filmmakers or animators, but to add even more creativity and imagination to our brand... hopefully you all will see and get our vision that we are trying to convey! :-[) Thanks for watching. xo 


This past Sunday we made our move from Utah to Oregon. Without going into a lot of detail... basically yesterday I was in a major funk...and it had only been day 4 of living in Oregon thus far. My funk was rooted from getting burned out of hours upon hours of painting our house and not feeling like we made a dent. All the rooms are dark wood paneling. We live amoung 100 ft. douglas firs that provide a ton of brightening up our home, as well as covering the cigarette smoke smell from the previous owner is...


So much has changed in the last 6 months here at Roxy Marj. We got a new site AND bought our domain back! But the most important change has been the addition of two new key players. Let me introduce them. :-[) 
Jesse Barrus [ my husband ]
Partner and Director of Marketing 
The last 2 years Jesse has worked for Leef as one of their Art Directors. He kind of did a medley of things from, marketing videos to packaging, to general graphic design. Jesse fit in super well at Leef, and was lucky...

W e l c o m e

Hey guys! 
Welcome to our new website and blog. 
Thanks for stopping by!
Roxy & Jesse Barrus