So much has changed in the last 6 months here at Roxy Marj. We got a new site AND bought our domain roxymarj.com back! But the most important change has been the addition of two new key players. Let me introduce them. :-[) 
Jesse Barrus [ my husband ]
Partner and Director of Marketing 
The last 2 years Jesse has worked for Leef as one of their Art Directors. He kind of did a medley of things from, marketing videos to packaging, to general graphic design. Jesse fit in super well at Leef, and was lucky to become really close with his co-workers...I actually felt bad for taking him away from such a wonderful company, but at the same time was so STOKED to get to work with my best friend full time! 
There are some major learning curves to working with your partner, for instance...getting to know their work style and flow...luckily the transition hasn't been crazy, almost effortless since Jesse had been helping me on the side anyways. Jesse came on full time the beginning of Feburary as a partner in the company and Director of Marketing. With his experience, we will be able to ramp up the Roxy Marj experience in a more creative and fun way!  Going forward, Jesse will be managing most of our customer service requests...so be sweet to him!! lol ha!
Cindi Vaughn 
Production Manager
Cindi started working for Roxy Marj a year ago and started as one of our seamstresses and has recently moved on to become our Production Manager. Her attention to detail and quality is extremely high, something we really value at Roxy Marj.  Cindi is a go-getter with a bubbly personality and has an easy going demeanor, this is crucial in this industry because often at times things can get super stressful...but really that's in any area of business! :-[) When Cindi isn't helping us here at Roxy Marj she is a mom to 4 beautiful girls between the ages of 8 and 16.  Get this....she's married to Vince Vaughn!! lol Okay okay, not THEE Vince Vaughn...but the cooler of the Vince Vaughns! Jesse and I have had the privilege of getting to know Cindi and her awesome family this past year, we fell really lucky to have them in our lives!
Roxy M. Barrus
Partner / Designer / Illustrator
Ya'll know me.... well kind of. :)  A couple things I do: 1. I manage our instagram feed by trying to post positive and uplifting content, as well as my illustrations, daily musings, and lots and lots of customer appreciation photos. THANK YOU so much for letting me share your photos with others to see! 2. I try to answer emails as much as possible, in the past I have not been the most prompt...and this just has to do with wearing so many hats with running a small business. Luckily Roxy Marj has the most patient thoughtful customers, and you all haven't held it against me, for that I am soo appreciative. Thankfully, these days I wear less hats...only like 3 or 4. ;-p  3. I design new products and illustrate. This is super fun when I am in the groove...when i'm not, then it feels like pulling teeth...so then I gotta find ways to get me back in the groove. This may not make sense...but being in the right mindset: happy, grateful, positive, supportive, uplifting, insightful makes a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE in the kind of content you put out. I am a slooow designer, I like to sleep on things and mull them over. This probably seems like a waste of time, but i'm telling you...when you put time and patience into creating something, the outcome lasts a lifetime...when you just want something quick and NOW, it's shelf-life is basically overnight. Now, this isn't the case for all designs...sometimes you get home runs..but overall, my best advice I can give in regards to my process...take your time, source for inspiration honestly, KEEP A SKETCHBOOK! and trust your gut and style. 4. Aside from business wackadoo stuff, I am a wife and best friend to Jesse....and Harley is our buddy. :-[) 
2015 is on track to being a great year! 
Below: Cindi's office/studio 

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